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Thank you for your interest in Beetle Outdoor Supply Inc. 

Although beetles have survived on this planet for thousands of years, due to their strength and ability to adapt to new challenges; our company is actually named after our family's lead Siberian husky sled dog, fittingly named 'Beetle'.  His incredible spirit and strength, combined with his love of the outdoors, inspires us every day to live our life to the fullest.  Our goal at Beetle Outdoor Supply Inc. is to share this philosophy with all Canadians by offering quality outdoor gear, honest reviews and how-to posts on our Blog and YouTube pages.

We hope that Beetle Outdoor Supply Inc. becomes a reliable source for outdoor enthusiasts to turn to for such things as camping/preparedness equipment, and sport shooting supplies, we hope to offer archery and working dog gear soon also.

  • Our team is made up of recreational and competitive archery/shooting individuals
  • Our focus is based on quality products and supplying them at a fair price
  • Our online setup allows us to stock regular consumable products and offer specialty ordering options for higher end goods not normally kept in stock
  • We will be monitoring sales over the next few months, building up our consumables inventory accordingly in order to speed up the sales process
  • We offer discounts on the ‘pre-order’ items not in stock to reward the customer for their wait, and to encourage people to inform us new products we need to keep in stock.


Thank you for your interest in Beetle Outdoor Supply Inc.

Questions may be directed to Rich@beetleoutdoorsupply.com or by telephone (705)327-3907 9AM-5PM