Survival Kit B.A.S.E.™ 2.0 UST


The B.A.S.E. (Basic Adventure Survival Essentials) Kit 2.0 is an intermediate kit that includes several key survival items in a water-tight aLOKSAK storage bag

1 Sparkie™ Fire Starter
· Compact, one-hand-operation sparking device 
· Lasts over 200 strikes · Rubberized grip

1 JetScream Whistle
· 122 decibels can be heard over most natural
and man-made noises
· Pea-less design won’t freeze or clog

2 Wetfire Tinder Cubes
· Odorless & smokeless
· Works perfectly when wet: in rain
or even in water!

2 Chlorine Dioxide Water Purifier Tablets
· 1 tablet treats one liter of water
· Makes contaminated water suitable for drinking
· Kills at least 99.9% of bacteria (Klebsiella
terrigena) and viruses (Poliovirus and Rotavirus)
and 99.9% of cysts (Giardia muris and
Cryptosporidium parvum) -- within 4 hours

1 Liquid-Filled Compass
· Durable and dependable liquid-filled compass 
· Designed to be attached to equipment straps
or watchbands

1 aLOKSAK® Waterproof Storage Bag
· Clear, flexible, water & air-tight storage 
· Patented design 
· Certified waterproof to 200 ft (60m)

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