Comp-Tac International Competition Holster


The International combines a belt holster, belt drop offset holster, paddle holster and paddle drop offset holster into one.   The modular mounting system combines the versatility of different mounting options with the superior Kydex holster that Comp-Tac is known for.  Please click here for our Comp-Tac Product page including magazine pouches.

Holsters are configured to a standard ipsc belt specification at time of order and the additional mounting components are shipped with the order should the customer wish to use their holster as a paddle type, holster or adjust the cant.

The International is available with three different cant options, the speed draw (straight drop), the FBI cant (grip angle forward), and the reverse/cross draw (grip angle rearward).

The mounting system will accommodate 1-1/2” up to 2" belts. Please note that the mounting system initially accommodates a 1-1/2" belt width, but may be configured to accommodate up to a two inch belt. On the Belt Mount there is a removable tab, once this tab has been removed, it does not reattach. On the Paddle Mount, the belt under-hook may be cut at the trim line, and the top portion removed to accommodate up to a 2" belt. Sandpaper may be used to deburr the area after removal.

NOTE: Due to Beetle Outdoor Supplies Webpage platform limitations we can not list all the available holsters produced by Comp-Tac. if you do not see the holster you are looking for here, please contact us as Comp-Tac has a extremely large selection of holsters that are made to order and we would be happy to order in the holster of your choice in colour of your choice.

NOTE: The International is IDPA legal in certain configurations.
For Women: Legal in all configurations. 
For Men: Not legal with drop-offset. Only legal in belt or paddle attachment.

NOTE: The International is USPSA legal in certain configurations. 
For Women: Legal in all configurations.
For Men: Not legal with drop-offset in the Single Stack Division. Only legal in belt or paddle attachment.



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