Ladies Range Gear

Adding fun and color to a range near you...Beetle Outdoor Supply is working hard to offer an entire lineup of Ladies gear!! Starting with Fun Coloured gear that steps away from the norm, as well as top quality hearing protection designed for smaller ladies and kids to improve their comfort level and make their outdoor experience safer and more fun. New Pink gear is in stock from our friends at Magpul, Voodoo Tactical and Comp-Tac Holsters, we'll soon be bringing in some Purple gear and holsters to compliment the pink lineup already in stock.

Anyone who has ever tried to fit a normal ear plug into their kids ear probably never realized why they pop out so easily; its because their ear canals are smaller as are most women's. Innovative manufactures like Howard Leight recognize this and make products specifically for them, now they're available for the Canadian Market.

Anyone who has ever tried to reload a double stacked magazine for the first time quickly realized the last few rounds are really tough to get in, particularly those law enforcement officers with Hi Capacity Magazines. The Black Uplula Pistol magazine loader has been on the market for years, and now we offer one in Pink so it doesn't get mixed in with all the boring loaders on the range at your next shooting match!