Beetle Outdoor Supply

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS MESSAGE. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PROCEED THE PASSWORD IS WEBHOSTPOLICYCHANGE . AS OF AUGUST 16 2018 Beetle Outdoor Supply is no longer PERMITTED to sell any semi-auto firarms parts BECAUSE our WEBHOST has changed their policies reflecting their personal views, not those of our governments (we live in Canada, as to they) As such these product families have been 'hidden' from our webpage untill we have an oppertunity to either build a second webpage elsewhere, sell off our parts inventory or leave the current host...As such many of the webpages links will go to a page listed as 'does not exist'... or will send you back to this stupid password page. We are law abiding citizens of this country as are our webhosts so I appreciate your patience navigating our webpage untill i get it properly newtered. Its a lot to consider given the countless hours involved in building a webpage and working with a host for half a decade only to have them change their policies with little concern for the small businesses that got them to where they are today. Myself and 99% of the companies using this platform rely on it for all our accounting, inventory control, credit card processing, marketing etc. To simply send out emails to companies telling them to change or leave really isnt as simple as it sounds. Inquiries about our other products are still welcome by emailing Thank you for the understanding. PLEASE COPY AND PASTE WEBHOSTPOLICYCHANGE INTO THE PASSWORD BOX TO PROCEED