Decal Grip Gen 3 Glock 17/18/22/24/31/34/35/37


DECAL GRIP ...are no-nonsence, all enhancement grips, and reflect a tactical practicality that is universally valued!

Pre-cut panel additions with adhesive backing that attach to the frame and slide for a superior grip in the most extreme weather conditions imaginable without increasing bulk for everyday/everywhere on/off duty carry.

Easy to install. Just peel and adhere and just as easily replaced or removed. Extremely durable and resistant to most solvents and oils. Looks OEM!. Especially developed for the new generation of polymer frame pistols (GLOCK, HECKLER & KOCH USP,MAGPUL, SPRINGFIELD ARMORY XD,XDM,HS2000, KAHR P & PM, MAGPUL MIAD & MOE, TAURUS MILLENNIUM PT, etc.).

The trend in modern handgun design incorporates a polymer frame that is lightweight, and tends to get slippery when wet or sweaty,severely affecting your grip and accuracy.

DECAL GRIP are specially designed panel additions to provide you with a positive grip surface improving your grip in wet, dry, hot or cold environments.

DECAL GRIP is recognized by many Law Enforcement Officers for its proven enhanced traction, and is available in two types of textures: special Sand Granule (grit type), and Synthetic Rubber (resilient type).

When push comes to shove, and you are out in all kinds of weather, they are the best! DECAL GRIP is LAW ENFORCEMENT GRADE Tested and recommended by NTOA* (NATIONAL TACTICAL OFFICERS ASSOCIATION) *G19FGApproved for use in "IDPA & IPSC " competition. and used by many Law Enforcement and Military Agencies around the world (SWAT, DEA, FBI, DHS, USAF,etc.)