Duracoat Shake n' Spray kits


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Because of the 6 month shelf life on Duracoat Hardener we have chosen to offer these as a special request item in order to ensure the customer gets the full shelf life of their kit. As such the price fluctuates somewhat with the Canadian Dollar so please email for the most up to date pricing as these prices were last updated when the U.S. Dollar was valued at 1.32 cents Canadian.

Please email RICH@BeetleOutdoorSupply.com for combined shipping quote as this item ships Canpar and our web host calculates using Canada Post which will not allow paint to be mailed.

Over 200 other colors available to be ordered on request


This kit allows you to apply DuraCoat like an aersol!

  1. Apply TrueStrip to weapon/part & scrubbing pad, and degrease weapon/part.
  2. Dump DuraCoat and Hardener into supplied jar, mix, and
    attach hose to Preval Sprayer, & then screw Preval Sprayer on to jar.
  3. Spray weapon or part with DuraCoat, in layers, waiting 2-3 minutes between applications.


 Available in Standard & Tactical Colors - Select Color
Colors marked * must be topcoated with DuraCoat Clear 
Colors marked ** 
require a base coat of DuraCoat White
Clear & White Not included in Kits and must be purchased separately