1 First Aid Field Manual FM21-11



Department of the Army Field Manual 21-11

158 pages, 12 chapters, paperback
New, Printed : June 1976

--= Table of Contents =--

Part One: Introduction
    Ch 1. General
    Ch 2. Vital Body Functions

Part Two: Basic Lifesaving First Aid Measures
    Ch 3. Open the Airway and Restore Breathing and Heartbeat (Measure A)
    Ch 4. Stop the Bleeding (Measure B)
    Ch 5. Prevent Shock (Measure C)
    Ch 6. Dress and Bandage the Wound to Avoid Infection (Measure D)

Part Three: Special First Aid Measures
    Ch 7. First Aid for Severe Wounds and Burns
    Ch 8. Immobilization of Fractures
    Ch 9. First Aid for Common Emergencies
    Ch 10. Transporting the Wounded Soldier
    Ch 11. First Aid in a Toxic Environment
    Ch 12. Psychological First AidAppendix A: References

Apendix B: Contents of First Aid Case and Kits

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