Finally, some mag holders that accommodate Canadian Legal 10Rd LAR Mags. These 100% American made mag holders feature a once piece design, fully tension adjustable with standard 1.5" belt clips on the back. These are also available in belt sizes ranging from 1.25"-1.75" by special order. Please Click here for our Comp Tac Products Page

A great way to keep your spare mags handy. The fixed angle AR Mag Pouch keeps your magazine well positioned for quick reloads with a minimum of movement.


NOTE: We make our mag pouches to hold magazines with BULLETS FACING FORWARD. If you want to have the bullets face backwards, order a magazine pouch for the opposite side you plan to carry it. For example, you want to carry the magazine on your left side, order a right side magazine pouch and then carry it backwards on your left side. 

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