MGW Sight Pushing Tools


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Adjusts, Removes & Installs Sights Without Damage


Safely moves fixed sights right or left in their dovetails without deforming slide or sight. Specifically designed for use with factory and aftermarket Tritium night sights, which are too fragile for the traditional hammer-and-punch sight installation method; works equally well with iron sights. Thumbscrew securely locks the slide so it’s fully supported in the rigid, machined aluminum body. Separate slots in the screw mechanism engage the sight and firmly, yet gently, concentrate screw force to loosen sights from even extremely tight dovetails. Hardened steel handle provides plenty of leverage, while self-lubricating, oil-impregnated Oilite® bronze bearings and extra-fine threads ensure smooth, precise movement. Beretta/Glock fit rear sights only. Glock Flat-Side fits aftermarket rear sights with straight, non-sloped sides for standard- and large-frame Glock pistols. SIG fits rear sights on all SIGs except SIG-PRO. Smith & Wesson M&P fits both and front and rear sights; will not fit Pro models with 5" barrel.  Will not fit the Shield model.  Seperate Shield model available.  Springfield XD fits both front and rear sights on all XD models except front sight on 5" barrel Tactical model. These do not work on the front sights of Pro/Tactical or sub compact XD/XDM model front sights. Will not work on XD-S slides.  1911 will not work with most Kimber slide/sight combinations. Sig fits P220, P225, P226, P228, P239 only.  Does not fit Sig Pro series. 
SPECS: Aluminum body, anodized. Steel cross carriage bolt and thumbscrew, black oxide finish. Beretta/Glock - 4¾” (12.1cm) wide, 3” (7.6cm) high, ¾” (19mm) thick. Glock Flat Side - 4¾" (12.1cm) wide, 2½" (6.4cm) high, 1¼" (3.2cm) thick. SIG - 4¾” wide, 5” (12.7cm) high, 1” (2.5cm) thick. Smith & Wesson M&P and Springfield XD - 4¾” (12.1cm) wide, 3-5⁄8" (9.2cm) high, 1-5⁄8" (4.1cm) thick; fits front and rear sights. M&P will not fit Pro models with 5" barrel. 1911 will not work with most Kimber slide/sight combinations. May not work on Norinco 1911 with factory pressed in rear sights.